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Phone numbers are 831 area code and email extensions are "" unless otherwise noted.

Department Faculty

Name Phone Email Office Office Hours
Robert Boltje 459-5001 boltje McHenry 4190 By Appointment
Bruce Cooperstein 459-2150 coop McHenry 4157 By Appointment
Samit Dasgupta 459-5176 sdasgup2 McHenry 4128 By Appointment
Chongying Dong 459-4642 dong McHenry 4186 By Appointment
Torsten Ehrhardt
Colloquium Chair
459-2735 tehrhard McHenry 4118 By Appointment
Viktor Ginzburg
Graduate Vice Chair
459-2218 ginzburg McHenry 4124 By Appointment

Debra Lewis
Undergraduate Vice Chair

459-2718 lewis McHenry 4122 By Appointment

Longzhi Lin

459-4180 lzlin McHenry 4116 By Appointment
Geoffrey Mason 459-2215 gem McHenry 4153 By Appointment
Richard Montgomery 459-4841 rmont McHenry 4120 By Appointment

Jie Qing
Department Chair

459-3711 qing McHenry 4149 By Appointment
Junecue Suh 459-4848 jusuh McHenry 4188 By Appointment
Hirotaka Tamanoi 459-5174 tamanoi McHenry 4180 By Appointment
Tony Tromba 459-2794 tromba McHenry 4151 By Appointment
Martin Weissman 459-2379 weissman McHenry 4182 By Appointment
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Visiting Faculty & Researchers

Huang Zheng McHenry 4174 By Appointment
Jingyong Zhu McHenry 4114 By Appointment
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Frank Bäuerle 459-2964 bauerle McHenry 4163

By Appointment

Abe Berman 459-2154 aberman McHenry 4167 By Appointment
Nandini Bhattacharya 459-1265 nandini McHenry 4165 By Appointment
Mark Eastman 459-1059 eastman McHenry 4144 By Appointment
Pascale Garaud 459-1055 pgaraud Baskin 131 By Appointment
Andrew Goetz 459-2592 angoetz McHenry 4178 By Appointment
Yonatan Katznelson 459-1046 yorik Baskin 361B By Appointment     
Edward Migliore 459-1240 miglior McHenry 4142 By Appointment
Richard Mitchell 459-2053 rrm McHenry 4140 By Appointment                
Ander Steele 459-4550 gasteele McHenry 4184 By Appointment  
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Department Staff

Michelle Dohl 459-4369 mldohl Department Manager
Kathryn Baldwin 459-2400 kabaldwi Department Assistant (Class Scheduling/MDTP)
Julie Krueger 459-2969 jmk Department Assistant (General Info/MDTP)
Kyle Blocker 459-5461 kblocker Graduate Program Coordinator
Michelle Voorhees 459-5703 voorhees Administrative Assistant (MBAMP)
Nicole Lautenschlager 459-4143 mathadvising Undergraduate Adviser
*Math advising is now located in Baskin Engineering 141; BY APPOINTMENT ONLY*
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Affiliated Projects

Monterey Bay Area Mathematics Project (MBAMP)
Judith Montgomery 459-5703 judithm Director
Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP)
Julie Krueger 459-2969 jmk Program Assistant
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Emeriti Faculty

Ralph Abraham
Arthur Fischer aef
Marvin Jay Greenberg
Al Kelley blufox
Edward Landesman
Tudor Ratiu
Maria Schonbek 459-4657 schonbek McHenry 4126 By Appointment
Marshall Sylvan 425-1055 sylvan
Harold Widom 459-2652 widom McHenry 4176 By Appointment