Grader/Reader Positions

*** We are accepting Grader/Reader applications. ***

Grader/Reader Positions


(831) 459-2400 - Mathematics Department - McHenry Building, Room 4111


Grader/Reader: Grading homework sets for undergraduate mathematics courses in a timely manner, including: detailed scoring, record keeping, and communicating regularly with assigned faculty or teaching assistant. Grading midterm and final exams for courses that have online homework.


A student must have taken the class for which they want to grade and have received a B or higher and also have evaluations/letter-grades of very good to excellent in most of their math classes. Students must be in good academic standing. Math majors have priority in the hiring process.


Students may download the Math Department Reader Application, or pick up a form at the Department Office. Once completed, drop off your form at the Department Office or fax to (831) 459-3260 or email to

Applicants are notified if they qualify within the second week of classes. The faculty give final hiring approval.


After confirmation of your appointment, you need to come to our department office to complete a Divisional application (for payroll). You must complete this application:

  • at the beginning of every quarter.
  • for each instructor you will be grading for, within that quarter.
  • if there have been changes to the information you initially provided e.g., non-workstudy to workstudy, registered to non-registered, etc.

After the Math department signs the form, you will take this application, along with your driver's license or passport and social security card, to Jennifer Chu in the Physical Sciences Building, Room 509, and complete the new hire paper work.

Paychecks are issued twice each month.

If hired, we strongly suggest you apply for direct deposit of your paycheck. Go to your MyUCSC site, click on Accounts & Billing and halfway down is Direct Deposit information. You will receive your money quicker and would not have to make a special trip to our office to pick up your biweekly paycheck. Staff and office hours have been reduced which impacts our availability to help you. To learn more click Student Employee Information.


Timesheets "hours worked" are now entered online through CruzPay. You should enter your total hours after each day of grading. Starting January 20th, 2013 Cruzpay will start the biweekly pay schedule. The deadline date is every two weeks on a Saturday, shown on this CALENDAR.

After submitting your hours through CruzPay, your supervisor will be automatically alerted and will confirm your hours.

If you are late or incomplete in submitting your timesheet, this may result in a delay of pay. If you do not submit your timesheet by the CruzPay deadline, then you will need to complete a paper timesheet. Paper timesheets are available in the Mathematics Department.


You will be assigned a certain number of hours per quarter. It is important that you stay under your allocated hours.

You need to make contact immediately with the professor of the course you are grading for and find out if you will be getting the work from the professor or the TA. You should set up a schedule and adhere to it. Homework must be returned on time.

You also need to have a discussion with the instructor/TA about the expectations of grading. Find out if you will be given solutions sets from the professor, the TA, or from a book. It is not your responsibility to do the homework before you can start grading.

Competent record keeping is essential for this job since homework scores are used to determine the students’ grades. Find out what kind of scorekeeping is expected, what kind of comments are helpful, etc. It is important to clarify this before you begin grading.

If you need a textbook and/or solutions manual, you can check one out in the Math Office, McHenry 4111 (office is open from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm). You must return it at the end of the quarter.

Your rehire as a reader is contingent upon your supervisor's rating of your performance along with your compliance with department policy (i.e. staying within allotted hours etc.). You will have a better chance of success if the expectations are clearly outlined in the beginning of the quarter and if you perform your job responsibly. In addition, if you are experiencing any difficulties balancing demands with your allotted time or should any conflicts with the professor or TA arise, please come into the Math department office ASAP and speak with Gina Hernan.

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