Online Courses

The Mathematics Department offers MATH 19A/B (Calculus for Science, Engineering and Mathematics) and MATH 23A/B (Vector Calculus) ONLINE as well as in the "traditional lecture format." These online courses are offered to all UC students through UC's cross campus enrollment system, and can also be taken by non-UC students.

Please see this link for an informational video about UC-wide Online Courses.

The UCSC 19-20 academic year schedule:

Fall 19
Winter 20
Spring 20
Summer 19
Math 19A Classroom Online Online Online
Math 19B Classroom Both Classroom Online
Math 23A Classroom Classroom Online Online
Math 23B Classroom Online Classroom Classroom

What is online Calculus and how does it work?

There are approximately 90 short, focused lectures per course, each lasting from 5-15 minutes. These are presented online through Canvas, UCOE's learning management system. Each lecture can be viewed any time, anywhere where internet is available. The lectures, which are captioned, can be paused and reviewed as often as students wish.

The interactive textbook is available online through The Macmillan Publishing Company. Reading through the text is monitored through a series of carefully-designed progress check questions.

Low-stakes quizzes are given online, but proctored exams are offered both in-class (through the usual University method) and online (through an online proctoring service called "Proctor U.")

Students are encouraged to post and answer questions to each other (peer-to-peer collaborative learning) and to their instructors through an online discussion platform known as "Piazza", accessible through Canvas.

Sections as well as office hours are offered in the traditional in-person format in our offices and classrooms, as well as on-line through Zoom, a freely available chat utility with screen sharing and whiteboard capability.

This setup is designed to meet the needs of local as well as remote students, and accomodates a variety of learning styles. Furthermore, it allows us to optimize instruction so that it is most effective in helping students learn the material.

In-person, drop-in sections listed in the UCSC Schedule of Classes are for additional support as needed-- no enrollment is necessary; anyone can attend at any time.

Instructors Tony Tromba and Frank Bauerle present a comprehensive course overview at the websites below.

Math 19A

Math 19B

Math 23A

Math 23B