Faculty Honors & Awards

Our faculty have been honored with highly prestigious awards over the years. Here is a small selection:

IAS von Neumann Fellowship:

Dan Cristofaro-Gardiner

HONORABLE MENTION American Mathematical Society:

"An Illustrated Theory of Numbers", By Martin H. Weissman

Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris Fellow:

Dan Cristofaro-Gardiner

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellows:

Samit Dasgupta, Alex Gamburd, & Jie Qing

American Mathematical Society Fellows:

Richard Montgomery, Maria Schonbek, & Harold Widom

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elected Fellow:

Harold Widom

Quanta Magazine The Simons Foundation:

An article on Harold Widom's work

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers:

Alex Gamburd

Lester R. Ford Award for Mathematical Exposition:

Marvin Jay Greenberg

Prestigious Professor Positions at MSRI Program: Hamiltonian Systems, From Topology to Applications Through Analysis

Richard Montgomery & Basak Gurel

Committee on Teaching's Excellence in Teaching Award:

Frank Bauerle, Robert Boltje, Nandini Bhattacharya, and Tony Tromba

Physical & Biological Sciences Outstanding Faculty Award:

Bruce Cooperstein