Martin H Weissman

TitleAssociate Professor
DivisionPhysical & Biological Sciences
DepartmentMathematics Department
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OfficeMcHenry Building Room #4182
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Santa Cruz, CA
Martin H Weissman

Research Interests

Marty Weissman's research involves the interaction between representation theory, geometry, and number theory. Specifically, he works on automorphic forms and representations, and what is generally known as the Langlands program. Within the Langlands program, he is interested in modular forms on exceptional and metaplectic groups, representations of p-adic groups, and L-functions.

Biography, Education and Training

Ph.D Harvard University

Selected Publications

  • M. Weissman: D4 Modular Forms, Amer. J. of Math 128 (2006), 849-898.

  • M. Weissman: The Fourier Jacobi Map and Small Representations, Represent. Theory 7 (2003), 275-299.

Teaching Interests

I enjoy teaching a broad swath of courses, including number theory, abstract algebra, proof-writing, and the history of mathematics.