Problem and Complaint Resolution Resources

Resources for Graduate Students

UCSC strives to create an environment for learning and work in which all members of the campus community can thrive. If any community member's well-being is compromised, whether as a result of personal life circumstances or the misconduct of another, the University encourages them to seek out appropriate resources and assistance.

The purpose of this website is to direct students, faculty, and staff to information and resources that can help address a wide range of concerns, from interpersonal conflict to criminal wrong-doing. Some resources, such as counseling, are private and confidential; others exist to facilitate the reporting of policy violations (like discrimination or unethical conduct). In some cases, reporting can be done anonymously. 

Rather than providing in-depth information about the many campus resources listed here, this website is designed to help members of the campus community identify appropriate resources, gain additional information, and contact those who can provide direct assistance.