Geometry & Analysis Seminar Winter 2019

Thursdays - 4:00pm
McHenry Library Room 4130
For further information please contact Professor Francois Monard or call 831-459-2400


Thursday January 10th, 2019

Michael Landry, Yale University

Surfaces almost transverse to circular pseudo-Anosov flows

Let M be a closed hyperbolic 3-manifold which fibers over S^1, and let F be a fibered face of the unit ball of the Thurston norm on H^1(M;R). By results of Fried, there is a nice flow on M naturally associated to F. We study surfaces which are almost transverse to F and give a new characterization of the set of homology directions of F using Agol’s veering triangulation of an auxiliary cusped 3-manifold.


Thursday January 17th, 2019


Thursday January 24th, 2019


Thursday January 31st, 2019

Michelle Chu, University of California Santa Barbara


Thursday February 7th, 2019


Thursday February 14th, 2019


Thursday February 21st, 2019


Thursday February 28th, 2019


Thursday March 7th, 2019

Yiran Wang, Stanford University