Enrollment Basics

Plan your enrollment in advance.

The Schedule of Classes is available a week before enrollment starts, plan out your enrollment and put your courses in your shopping cart. 

Then, whether you have class during your enrollment appointment or not, you can simply click "Finish Enrolling" at your appointed time.

Be sure you have met the prerequisites. 

Review the prerequisites and major or class-level restrictions prior to enrolling.

You cannot enroll in a course, or on to a wait list, if you have not met all the listed requisites.  If you have completed the prerequisites at another institution, see How-to: Troubleshoot Your Enrollment for how to check for prerequisite credit.

Check for time conflicts.

If any of the courses you are attempting to enroll in conflict, you will NOT be enrolled. 

To check for conflicts, fill out a schedule plan for your intended enrollment. Map out all class meeting times - lecture, discussion section, lab lecture, and lab section.  Select discussion sections and/or labs that work with your schedule, it is very difficult to change your schedule once you are enrolled.  If you have a time conflict, review our instructions on How-to: Resolve a Time Conflict

Prioritize your courses.

Determine which course is the most important to your progress and enroll in that course first.

Seniors should always enroll in the courses required for graduation first.  Do not presume that seats will be reserved for you due to your pending graduation, enroll at your first opportunity.  If you are not a senior, you are subject to the two-pass enrollment process and should prioritize your major courses in your first pass. For more information on Two-Pass Enrollment, see the Registrar's Enrollment Information.

Enroll during your appointment.

You have the best chance of becoming enrolled at your appointment time. 

Check MyUCSC for your enrollment appointment time and be ready to enroll at that time - have your schedule worked out, your courses ready in your cart, and simply hit "Finish Enrolling" at your appointment time (even if it is while you are in class). 

Attend your 1st class meeting or you may be dropped. 

Most instructors will administratively drop students who do not attend the first class meeting.  Be on time, many lab courses take roll in the first ten minutes and subsequently drop no-shows to allow other students to add the course.

You are responsible for the accuracy of your enrollments. 

Be sure to verify your enrollment and grade options by the deadlines.