Enrollment Tips

If discussion sections are not required, consider not enrolling in one.

If "no selection" is an option in the list of discussion sections, this means that enrollment in disucssion section is optional. If you enroll in a discussion section, it complicates your schedule and can lead to conflicts with other required courses.

NOTE: Instructors may require that you participate in discussion section even if enrollment is not required.

If you end up with a time conflict, go to How-to: Resolve a Time Conflict.

Permission codes are not the answer, troubleshoot your enrollment. 

Permission codes circumvent the enrollment process and make access to courses inequitable; we only use them as a last resort. The Math department will not issue codes until after grades are in for the current quarter, and only then if space is available after all other students have had an opportunity to enroll. Use our How-to: Troubleshoot Your Enrollment guide to address your enrollment problem without a permission code.

If you still require a permission code to enroll, fill out the enrollment request form.

You cannot enroll in a course you have already taken and passed, here is how to enroll.

The enrollment system is designed to prevent students from repeating credit. To repeat credit, your college will have to override your enrollment. Students who took the wrong calculus for their major will need an override to repeat any calculus course that is equivalent to the course they have already taken and passed. For example, if you took MATH 11A and now want to pursue a major in the School of Engineering and have to repeat MATH 19A, your college will have to override your enrollment into MATH 19A.

You cannot enroll in a course you are currently enrolled in.

The enrollment system is designed to presume all students are going to pass the courses they are currenrtly enrolled in; as a result, you cannot enroll in a course you are currently taking.  You will only be able to enroll once you have a non-passing grade in the course.

Students need approval to enroll in a course for a third attempt.

The approval process for repeating a course for a third time can take up to two weeks, it is best to start the approval process two weeks before enrollment opens.  See your college advisor to request approval to enroll for a third attempt well before enrollment opening. 

Student Responsibility:  You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your enrollments. Be sure to verify your classes and grade options prior to the enrollment deadlines listed in the Academic and Administrative Calendar