Wait List Tips

Enroll during your wait list appointment:  If the course you need is full, enroll on to the wait list as soon as it is available. Check your MyUCSC portal for your wait list appointment time.

Avoid wait-list limbo:  Students who wait-list courses that conflict with their existing schedule or would put them over the unit limit will NOT be enrolled.

Avoid course conflicts: ONLY wait list courses that fit in your existing schedule.  Use the weekly schedule view in your MyUCSC portal to check for course conflicts.  If you are trying to wait list a course for which you have a schedule conflict, you will need to SWAP the conflicting course to enroll onto the wait list.

If you are enrolled in 15 units, SWAP onto a wait list:  You will not be enrolled from the wait list in to a course that exceeds the campus unit limit, you MUST SWAP on to the wait list to enroll.  

If you are enrolled on a wait list and you are passed over for enrollment, you will be notified that you have an enrollment error.  You MUST correct your enrollment error (either time conflict or exceeding max units) and re-enroll in to an available section or back onto the wait list. 

If enrollment in section is not required, do not wait list a section, it lessens your chances of becoming enrolled.

When wait-listing a required section:

  • DO NOT simply wait list the first section, most people do, which does not improve your chances of becoming enrolled.
  • Find an open section to wait list, this will give you the best chance of becoming enrolled.
  • If there are no open sections, start with the last section and work your way up the list until you find a section that works with your schedule.
  • Choose unpopular section times, 8am and 8pm are always good bets, these sections tend to have more availability.
  • After you have wait-listed a required section, continue to watch for a section to open.  If a section opens, you can change your wait-listed section and become enrolled. 

Attend the first class meeting: As with courses you are enrolled in, students may be dropped from the wait list for not attending the first class.  

Student Responsibility:  You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your enrollments. Be sure to verify your classes and grade options prior to the enrollment deadlines listed in the Academic and Administrative Calendar