Math Placement

Mathematics Placement information is located on the Math Coach site.

The best Mathematics Placement tier determines Mathematics course enrollment options. This link will give you more information about the different offerings of introductory math courses and available choices depending on a student's placement tier, major and interests.

Assessment Schedule for Fall 2017 Enrollment:

ALEKs assessments completed by 11:59pm* on the date listed below will be posted for the next enrollment period.

Completed by:      

Posted by 5pm: 

May 11 May 12 - before advising week for continuing students starts
May 18 May 19 - before priority enrollment for continuing student starts
May 30 May 31
June 4 June 5
June 11 June 12
June 18 June 19
June 25 June 26
July 9 July 10
July 16 July 17
July 23 July 24 - before summer orientation for new students starts
July 30 July 31
August 6 August 7
August 13 August 14
August 20 August 21
August 27 August 28
September 6 September 7
September 26 September 27 - before fall instruction starts
October 2 October 3 - last chance for fall courses

*Assessments completed within an 8-hour grace period of the deadline will be included in the score posting.

NOTE:  All completed assessments will be posted for each score posting.

Placement results will be posted and available in your MyUCSC Student Portal by the "Posted" date noted above. For instructions on viewing your score, see Verifying your Mathematics Placement.