Undergraduate Awards

Mathematics Awards Spring 2017

Congratulations and kudos to Shay Gilpin and Sumeng Wang, recipients of our Mathematics Awards in 2017! They each received $1,000 awards in recognition of their accomplishments in the Mathematics major—Pure Mathematics concentration. We are honored to recognize their hard work and to be able to present them with an award.

Shay Gilpin and Sumeng Wang were selected by Mathematics faculty as recipients of this year's J.W.T. Youngs Memorial Undergraduate Award in Mathematics. The family and friends of Professor Youngs, a former professor at UCSC, established the award after he tragically passed away in 1970. Professor Youngs was a member of the Mathematics Department and a Fellow of Crown College. The endowment was established to honor his memory by supporting two annual prizes, one for an outstanding student of mathematics enrolled in Cowell College, and one for an outstanding student of mathematics enrolled anywhere on the Santa Cruz campus. The Youngs award is administered by the Mathematics Department.

We wish them both success in their future endeavors!


Short Bio from Shay

My name is Shay Gilpin and I am just finishing my fourth year at UCSC with a Pure Mathematics major and Chemistry minor. I'm from Boulder, Colorado but have always had a love for the ocean, and UCSC provided the best of both worlds. Mathematics was a subject in which I had always excelled, but early on it was Chemistry that I found interesting. Upon entering my freshman year here I had no intention of studying math; Math 23A with Prof. Richard Mitchell revealed the beauty of math that I had never seen before, and it changed me forever. It was then that my interested turned towards mathematics and led me to where I am today.
During these past two years I have been an active member of Slugs United by Mathematics (SUM) and am currently the president of SUM for the 2016-17 academic year. After graduation I will be continuing an internship at the University Corporation of Atmospheric Research (UCAR) in Boulder, CO under the COSMIC group and have hopes of continuing my academic career in either pure or applied mathematics in the near future.


Shay Gilpin


Short Bio from Sumeng

My name is Sumeng Wang and I’m a Pure Mathematics Major and Computer Science Major. When I first entered college, I was not so sure about pursuing Math but my passion for mathematics has grown over the past three years. Abstract Algebra is one of the subjects that I find both interesting and challenging. Sometimes, I would just sit there and read the textbook for a day trying to solve one problem. I know the path of learning never stops because there are still many other people better than me out there, so for the last year of my undergraduate, I would like to take a few graduate courses for challenge and self-improvement. After graduating, I’m hoping to continue my passion for math in math related graduate programs.