Private Tutor List

The Mathematics Department provides this private tutor list as a service to students at all levels in the Santa Cruz area as a courtesy, but accepts no responsibility for their abilities or qualifications.

The tutors are current students or past students in good standing with the University. Please contact the tutor directly to negotiate hours and rates.

Name Phone Email Tutoring Level
Todd Anderson 831-809-2678 toddeanderson(at)comcast(dot)net All Lower Division Math
Ethan Baldinger 831-332-4169 ethanbaldinger(at)gmail(dot)com All Lower and Upper Division Math
Victor Bermudez email me vebermud(at)ucsc(dot)edu All Lower and Upper Division
Amine Boutchti email me mbouchti(at)ucsc(dot)edu All Lower Division Math up to Math 23
Ed Braunhut 831-600-5009 link All Lower and Upper Division Math
Jonathan Chi 650-380-4902 jbchi(at)ucsc(dot)edu All Lower Division Math
Paul Coombs 602-690-4212 pccoombs(at)ucsc(dot)edu All Lower and Upper Division Algebra & (non-complex) Analysis sequences
Neil Fernandes 408-568-9885 nsfernan(at)ucsc(dot)edu All Lower Division Math and Calculus
Steven Flynn email me spflynn(at)ucscdot)edu All Levels
Richard Gottesman 516-659-0691 rgottesm(at)ucsc(dot)edu All Levels
Robert Hingtgen 254-495-8528 rhingtge(at)ucsc(dot)edu All Levels
Jackson Hsu email me jachsu(at)ucsc(dot)edu All Lower Division up to and including Math 23A/B, Math 103A, Math 105A, Math 111A
Christopher Jackson 925-596-1658 cjackson1085(at)gmail(dot)com All Lower Division Math
Dave Kingsley 831-535-2080 davidlkingsley(at)gmail(dot)com All Lower Division Math and Real/Complex Analysis
Gabriel Martins email me gmartins(at)ucsc(dot)edu All Lower Division Math
Tracy Miller 831-479-1060 trmill2001(at)yahoo(dot)com All Lower Division Math
Ricardo Munoz 831-236-0742 riamunoz(at)ucsc(at)edu All Lower Division Math up to Math 23
Danquynh Nguyen email me dnguye58(at)ucsc(dot)edu All Lower Division Math
Philipp Perepelitsky 408-891-4907 philipp.perepelitsky(at)gmail(dot)com Upper Division, Lower Division, High School
Drake Pitts email me dpitts(at)ucsc(dot)edu All Lower Division Math
Eugenio Rivera



eugenio.j.rivera(at)gmail(dot)com All Levels
Jody Ryker 530-828-6135 mathtutor74(at)gmail(dot)com All Levels
Celeste Sazani 805-588-9855 elefuga(at)riseup(dot)net All Levels
Chris Smith email me All Lower and Upper Division Math
Sonya Sokolow email me


All Lower Division Math
Sky Trigueiro (650) 483-7596


All Lower Division Math
Shawn Tsosie email me


All Levels