Transfer Preparation

It is imperative that all transfer students complete the following UC-transferable coursework prior to transfer...

  • Calculus (MATH 19AB or MATH 20AB)
  • Linear Algebra (MATH 21)

Students who plan to take the above courses at a California Community College should reference to determine which courses are transferable to UCSC. These classes are offered in summer through UCSC Summer Session and Summer Academy: Transfer. 

Entering with these preparatory courses complete allows you more time to take advantage of the excellence our program offers such as specialized upper-division coursework tailored to your interests.

Students who do NOT complete these preparatory courses prior to transfer...

  • May not have enough time to complete their intended degree. 
    Many of our degrees have a large number of requirements. Transfer students are expected to complete their degree in two years or seven quarters and are not allowed to enroll beyond three years or nine quarters. Entering under-prepared will preclude your ability to complete one of our requirement-intensive majors.
  • May have difficulty enrolling in these introductory courses here at UCSC.
    The preparatory courses listed are prerequisite to our upper-division courses. You cannot enroll in any advanced coursework without having completed them. Here at UCSC, enrollment in these preparatory courses is targeted at freshmen and sophomores - seats are not reserved for transfer students. We do, however, reserve space in our upper-division courses for adequately-prepared transfer students.
  • Will be subject to our disqualification policy.
    Students who take these introductory courses at UCSC are subject to the Mathematics Major Disqualification Policy.
  • Will take longer to complete a degree.
    Transfer students are expected to complete their degrees within two years or seven quarters. For most of our majors, entering without this coursework will require an additional year to complete a degree.
  • May pay significantly more for their education.
    An additional year to complete these preparatory courses will cost significantly more in tuition at UCSC. Students considering entering without their preparatory courses completed will have to pay an additional year of tuition. Students receiving financial support should check with the Financial Aid office to be sure their support can be extended beyond the standard seven quarters as aid packages are often reduced when students extend beyond normative time. We encourage students to compare the cost of completing coursework at a community college with the cost of attending UCSC.

We are eager to help you succeed and entering prepared for our programs is the best way to assure your success.