Transferring Math Courses from Another College or University

Mathematics courses from other colleges and universities may or may not be equivalent to UCSC courses. UCSC has agreements (called articulation agreements) with most California community colleges. You can find these course equivalencies at The Mathematics Undergraduate Adviser must verify any transfer course information before you can use the course to satisfy prerequisites. Send or bring a copy of your transcripts to the Mathematics Undergraduate Adviser; the information you send to UCSC Admissions is not forwarded to the Mathematics Undergraduate Adviser.

Preparing for Transfer Admission into the UCSC Mathematics Major

If you are completing your lower-division work at another college or university and plan to enter the Mathematics undergraduate major at UCSC, we recommend you complete single-variable calculus, linear algebra, and elementary differential equations before you transfer.

Before you complete multivariable calculus at another institution, contact the Mathematics Undergraduate Adviser. Most semester-long multivariable calculus classes do not cover all of the material in UCSC’s Math 23A-B, and some two-quarter series do not, either. However, your school may require you to take multivariable calculus before you take linear algebra or differential equations. The UCSC mathematics undergraduate advisor can tell you the best course of action in your particular case.

If you are transferring less than the equivalent of five UCSC math courses, you may need to consult with your UCSC college academic preceptor about the possibility of staying one or two extra quarters. You must also verify General Education course completion with your college preceptor.

Substituting Non-Standard Transfer Courses

If your school does not have an articulation agreement with UCSC, or if the course you want to transfer is not articulated, please email the mathematics undergraduate adviser the following information: 

  • unofficial transcript
  • copy of the catalog course description
  • syllabus
  • textbook information: title, author(s), edition, table of contents
  • copies of exams or homework

The minimum materials necessary for review are an unofficial transcript, a copy of the catalog course description, and a syllabus. More is better when it comes to submitting materials for equivalency review, as the more information you provide, the more likely an appropriate equivalent course can be identified. Please include any textbook title, author(s), and edition. We recommend that you include copies of exams or homework.

For calculus course review, include the course descriptions of prerequisites and of other calculus courses or series of courses if that school has more than one series. It is especially helpful if the catalog states what majors require which series of courses (i.e. "for engineering and physics majors" or "for biology and life science majors"). 

The review can take one to two weeks, so make sure you leave enough time to make enrollment decisions. We will contact you when it has been reviewed. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are repeating a course you took at UCSC for a grade but obtained a grade of "D" or "F", restrictions apply. Consult with your college academic preceptor and your major adviser.