UCSC Mathematics Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

As a community, we acknowledge the richness of each of our members’ individual experiences, the intrinsic worth of all who work and study here, and we affirm that mathematics education is enhanced by the full range of its participants’ perspectives. In other words, mathematics is for everyone, but historically, mathematics has not been made accessible to everyone. We are committed to changing this status quo. To this end, we aim to incorporate– and educate our faculty and graduate students on– inclusive teaching practices in our classrooms, recognizing that traditional lecture formats may disadvantage underrepresented students; to examine our own implicit biases, reflecting on how they can be affecting our teaching and learning communities; and to listen to the experiences of all members of our community, taking action to promote inclusivity and strides towards a healthier departmental climate. This work is essential to improving the quality of mathematics education for all involved. We are deeply committed to ensuring the continued diversity of our campus and will do whatever we can, legally and appropriately, to preserve and expand the diverse nature of our community.

-- statement by Math's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee.