Guest article on Women in Mathematics [links to resources, further reading]

And now without further ado : the 2020 newsletter ! Enjoy ! (and keep away from fire...) 

Better late than never dept. : we present the 2019 newsletter ! (next issue coming soon...)

Welcomes to Burak Hatinoglu and Andrew Kobin, new Visiting Scholars starting Fall 2020.

Special goodbyes to Richard Montgomery, Mark Eastman, Johan Steen, and Sandra Nair.

Best wishes, thanks, and farewell, to all our 2019-20 leavers ! We miss you already ! Sign our yearbook...

Congratulations to Allegra Martino and Morgan Makhina, recipients of Youngs Awards 2020 !

Outstanding TA Awards 2019-20 go to Brynn Caddel and Cheyenne Dowd ! Great job !!

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