Request Funding

Current Mathematics graduate students may request funding for a variety of reasons, whether for professional development or unexpected financial hardship. A funding request is required for both advanced payment requests and reimbursement requests.

Original receipts are required for all approved funding requests and should be handed in to the Graduate Advisor and Program Coordinator once all purchases have been completed. 

Requests are accepted on a rolling basis; however, funds are usually disbursed at the beginning of each quarter. 

To request money, Mathematics graduate students should:

1. Write a funding proposal using the guidelines outlined below.

2. Complete the online Mathematics Funding Request Form

Deadline & Submission

Proposals ​must be submitted via electronic form ​in a timely manner. The recommended deadline is at least 30 days prior to the date of need (reimbursements) or the quarter prior to the date of need (advanced payments). 

Rough Deadlines:
Fall Funding: September 15th
Winter Funding: December 1st
Spring Funding: March 15th
Summer Funding: June 1st

Planning Your Proposal

The first step in planning your funding proposal is to meet with your Faculty Advisor or Faculty Mentor and discuss the content of the event and its relevance to your progress and development.

Upon Faculty Advisor or Faculty Mentor approval of the event, complete your funding proposal as outlined below.

Writing Your Proposal: Funding Proposal Guidelines

  • Paragraph 1 - Nature of the Request​: ​State your request as clearly as possible.
    • Who are you?
    • What is the money for?
    • When is the event?/When will you need the money?
    • Where is the event?/Where will you be going?
  • Paragraph 2 - Background and Rationale​:​ Describe the context for your proposal and its nature. Include goals and any specific needs you have identified, explaining how the endeavor relates to them.
    • What is the justification for funding?
  • Paragraph 3 - Impact on Teaching and Learning​:​ Include any integration with departmental or programmatic benefits or improvements.
    • Why is it important?
    • How will this benefit the Department?
    • What's the return on the investment?
  • Paragraph 4 - Detailed Budget​:A thoroughly researched budget is required for every proposal. ​Include a line-by-line​ ​breakdown of projected expenditures​;​ be accurate and realistic. Please include ​​all costs and cite your sources for any budgeted wages, supplies​,​ or equipment​ ​prices. Add 15% to the cost of materials to cover tax and shipping. You are strongly encouraged to seek matching funds from other​ ​sources whenever possible.
    • International students and domestic students traveling abroad should add 15% to the total if requesting advanced payment instead of reimbursement.
    • If you choose to drive to a location you must provide a cost comparison of a plane ticket.