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Any mention of wait lists refers to wait-listing in AIS/MyUCSC. For more information about wait lists see the Registrar Wait List FAQs.  There are two types of lists, see course-specific information for which type of list is being used:

Auto-Enroll Wait List:

Once a seat becomes available, a process is run to automatically enroll the first student on the wait list. The enrollment process is run once every half hour by the Registrar's Office.

Interest-Only Wait List:

Lets the instructor know a student would like to enroll in their course, but does not enroll them. Departments use this list to assess demand for a course. Students on the interest-only list must attend the first class meeting to be considered for a seat in the course.

Swapping sections when enrolled in a wait-listed course:

If you are enrolled in a course that has a wait list and you are also enrolled in a secondary discussion section please DO NOT swap sections and choose a section that is full and also has a wait list. If you do so, you will be dropped from the course entirely and put on the wait list for both the course and the new section you have selected. If you are enrolled in a section that does not work with your schedule, we recommend either chosing an open section to swap into, or working out with your TA and instructor which section you will attend after the quarter begins.

Putting yourself onto an auto-enroll wait list when you already enrolled in 15 units:

If you are enrolled in 15 units, and you would like to be on an auto-enroll wait list for a 5 unit course, be sure to use the swap function to sign up. When choosing the swap function, you will be prompted to select the course you would like to be dropped from should a seat open in the course you are wait-listing. If you do not swap onto the wait list, and instead use the add function, the enrollment system will continue to skip over you, as students are only permitted to enroll in up to 19 units prior to the first day of instruction. If you have added yourself to a wait list and you would like to change the function to swap and keep your position, please contact the registrar's office. For more information, please see: Instructions on how to swap onto a wait list.