Lower Division Undergraduate Courses

(have course numbers less than 100.)

These courses fulfill general education and/or major requirements.

Math 2 and 3 are general mathematics courses at the precalculus level.

Math 11A, 11B, 19A, 19B, 20A, 20B, 22, 23A, and 23B are the calculus courses.

Math 21 (Linear Algebra) and Math 24 (Ordinary Differential Equations) are also needed for many majors besides Mathematics.

Upper Division Undergraduate Courses

(Are those with course numbers in the 100s.)

These classes are required for Math majors, and/or have lower-division prerequisites. The Mathematics major sequence typically begins with Math 100, Introduction to Proof and Problem Solving. Key courses in the major are 111A (group theory and modern algebra) and 105A (Analysis: calculus made rigorous).

Graduate Courses

(Are those with course numbers in the 200s.)

Our top undergraduates often take some of the introductory graduate sequences of algebra, analysis and topology-geometry. Those courses are Math 200 through 211. Advanced undergraduates are strongly encouraged to take or audit any graduate course that interests them.