Undergrad Colloquium Winter 2016

Monday - 4:45 p.m.
McHenry Building - Room 4130
For further information please contact Richard Gottesman or call the Mathematics Department at 459-2969

January 11, 2016

No Colloquium

January 18, 2016

No Colloquium - Holiday

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 25, 2016

No Colloquium

February 1, 2016

No Colloquium

February 8, 2016

No Colloquium

February 17, 2016

"Let's Talk About Some Thing, Integral: Euler's Basel Problem"

Bob Hingtgen, University of California, Santa Cruz

In this mostly computation based talk, we will talk about some tricks and techniques for solving some integrals that are rarely seen in a common calculus sequence. In particular, we will see two (maybe three) ways to approach and solve the Basel problem Euler so famously solved in 1734.

February 22, 2016

"What is a Math REU? And how can it lead to graduate programs in mathematics?"

Alexandra Michel, University of California, Santa Cruz

In this conversational session, I will discuss what it took for me to get interested in doing math over the summer in undergrad, and the experiences I had. We will go over how to apply to Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU's) and what they are all about. There will be some room for dialogue about how these programs can affect later interest in applying to graduate school for mathematics. 

February 29, 2016 at 5:00 pm

"Decimal Expansions of Inverted Primes"

Shawn Tsosie, University of California, Santa Cruz

The decimal expansion of any rational number is period. In particular, the decimal expansion of 1/p is periodic. There is a relation between the length of the period of 1/p and the order of 10 mod p. This result carries when we consider 1/p in an arbitrary bases, e.g. in binary. These results lead towards a conjecture first formulated by Emil Artin. I first learned about this problem in the project laboratory in mathematics class at MIT. I worked on this problem with Dexter Cogswell and Caitlin Lownes

March 7, 2016

No Colloqium