Teaching/Academic Research Career Profiles

College or University Professor

College and university professors make up the majority of postsecondary teachers. They teach and advise college students and perform a significant part of our nation's research. They also keep up with new developments in their field and may consult with government, business, nonprofit, and community organizations. They may also conduct research to expand knowledge in their field. Professors must have a doctorate degree in their field of study.

College instructors teach one or more classes within specific academic or occupational areas in community colleges. Most of them prepare their students to transfer to four-year degree programs by teaching courses that are equivalent to the lower division level of four-year institutions. Others teach classes for occupational fields in technology, industry, and trade. Instructors must at least have a Master's degree.

Primary, Middle, High School Teacher

Teachers teach students either single subject or multi-subject classes. Teachers play a vital role in the development of children. Math and science teachers are in high demand in the United States. Teachers must complete a credential program and be licensed in their respective state.