Transferring Math Courses from Another College or University

Mathematics Majors Only

Non Math Majors need to consult with their major department. 

Mathematics courses from other colleges and universities may or may not be equivalent to UCSC courses. UCSC has agreements (called articulation agreements) with most California community colleges. You can find these course equivalencies at The Mathematics Undergraduate Adviser must verify any transfer course information before you can use the course to satisfy prerequisites. Send a copy of your transcripts to the Mathematics Undergraduate Adviser; the information you send to UCSC Admissions is not forwarded to the Mathematics Undergraduate Adviser.

Preparing for Transfer Admission into the UCSC Mathematics Major

Starting in the 2020 admission cycle we will be a transfer screening major. It is imperative that all transfer students complete equivalents to the following UC-transferable coursework prior to transfer:

  • Math 19A and 19B (Single Variable Calculus)
  • Math 21 (Linear Algebra)
  • Math 23A (Multivariable Calculus)

Students who plan to take the above courses at a California Community College should reference to determine which courses are transferable to UCSC. 

We are eager to help you succeed and entering prepared for our programs is the best way to assure your success.

Substituting Non-Standard Transfer Courses

If your school does not have an articulation agreement with UCSC, or if the course you want to transfer is not articulated, please email the mathematics undergraduate adviser the following information: 

  • unofficial transcript showing grades for math courses
  • syllabus
  • textbook information: title, author(s), edition, table of contents and chapters covered

The minimum materials necessary for review are an unofficial transcript, textbook information and a syllabus. 

The review can take one to two weeks, so make sure you leave enough time to make enrollment decisions. We will contact you when it has been reviewed. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are repeating a course you took at UCSC for a grade but obtained a grade of "D" or "F", restrictions apply. Consult with your college academic preceptor and your major adviser.