Ph.D. Program Learning Outcomes

Ph.D. Learning Outcomes

Mathematics Ph.D. graduates will demonstrate:

  • PLO1: Mastery of fundamental knowledge in Mathematics (Algebra, Analysis, Geometry).
  • PLO2: Ability to solve problems and communicate solutions in rigorous mathematical language.
  • PLO3: Ability to communicate mathematical concepts effectively.
  • PLO4: Ability to conduct independent research.
Ph.D Requirement PLO1 PLO2 PLO3 PLO4
Math 200-210 X X
Math 211-299 X X
Preliminary Examinations A A
Teaching Assistantship X
Qualifying Examination X A A
Thesis X X A A

X = Learning outcome is introduced and developed
A = Students demontrate learning outcome and assessment evidence is collected

Specifics of Assessments:
PLO1 and PLO2: All students taking a preliminary exam are assessed. Preliminary exam problems that emphasize knowledge, problem solving skills, or rigorous argumentation are evaluated. Analytic rubrics with specific standards are applied.

PLO3 and PLO4: All students taking a qualifying (oral) exam and submitting a thesis are assessed. Analytic rubrics with specific standards are applied.