Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Graduate Students

In recognition of federal government regulations and UC system wide guidelines, all graduate students are required to complete an online sexual violence/sexual harassment prevention training. There is now one comprehensive online training for graduate students. The student training, created by Campus Clarity, is called "Think About It: Graduates" and is administered by the Title IX Office. Graduate students must complete the online training each academic year. 

If you completed a training last year, you are REQUIRED to complete it again this year.  UC Santa Cruz wants to ensure that all students are aware of the resources available to them, and repeated trainings were found to benefit retention of the material and reduce the occurrence of harassment in the community.

To access the online training go to and click "Login to Training." Use your UCSC email address to register. If you have already registered and have forgotten your password, click "forgot password" and follow the directions. For technical support email or call 800-652-9546.

Incoming Graduate Students

The UCSC Title IX Office oversees two required trainings for all incoming graduate students. Incoming Fall and Summer graduates will be assigned an online training course in early September created by Campus Clarity. The training is specific to graduate students and takes about one hour to complete. The link to the online training will be sent to the student email address from the Title IX Office and once assigned can also be accessed via Click "Login to Training." 

In addition to the online training all incoming graduate students are required to complete an in-person Title IX training upon entry into UC Santa Cruz. 

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