In Memoriam: Harold Widom (1932–2021) 
You can express condolences or find out more, either at this obituary or this memorial page. Also see this L.A. Times article

Petition filed by UAW to represent Graduate Student Researchers [legal text]

HSI versions of Math courses  boosting equity, reducing gaps in achievement

Mathematics 2021 newsletter [PDF] {other newsletters at the archive}

Congratulations to Eric Huang and Ian Wallace, recipients of Youngs Awards 2021 !

*** updated July 8, 2021 : Tech resources

Nandini Bhattacharya wins Excellence in Teaching Award, and Ron Ruby Award 2020-21

Outstanding TA Awards 2020-21 go to Hoda Malak and Jadyn Breland ! Great job !!

Ian Walton (Ph.D. ’77, mathematics) named a Distinguished Graduate Alumnus

Guest article on Women in Mathematics [links to resources, further reading]

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